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If you need eyeglasses, our goal at Iowa Eye Center Optical is to help you select the best, most stylish frames and glasses to enhance your vision and appearance.

Skilled opticians

Our opticians are certified by the American Board of Opticianry and our entire optical staff attends continuing education courses to stay up to date. We are always current on the industry’s ever-changing product line and there are few eyeglasses we haven’t personally evaluated.

Quality eyeglasses

Whether you want unique, trendy or classic glasses, we have the most diverse product line in this area. We offer the finest quality frames in titanium, stainless steel, standard metal, plastic materials and drill mounts. Styles are available in sizes from infant to adult. We also carry sunglasses, sport frames, safety glasses and swim goggles & masks – to accommodate your unique prescription, lifestyle, occupation and hobbies.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Iowa Eye Center Optical extends a year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your choice of frames. If you are not fully satisfied, we will exchange your frame one time in the first 60 days. Some exclusions apply.

Responsive service

We offer same-day service on some prescriptions. For all orders, we do our best to get your glasses or contact lenses in a timely way. However, some lenses require more time and we place the highest value on quality. Each pair of glasses passes through several inspections before your final fitting.

eyeglassesTypes of eyeglass lenses:

Single vision lenses – These lenses provide vision at one distance. That may be distance (driving), intermediate (using a computer) or near (reading). They come in a variety of materials.

Bifocal lenses – With these lenses, you get vision correction for two distances. Bifocals have two distinct areas of vision. Most bifocals aid near and distance vision, although with computer users there has been an increase of bifocals with near and intermediate correction.

Trifocal lenses – These lenses offer enhanced vision at three distances. The upper portion offers long distance vision while the lower part of the lens is split into near and intermediate viewing segments.

Progressive lenses – These multifocal lenses don’t have a clearly visible line of separation. They offer a more seamless progression of lens strengths depending on how you see through your glasses. Your certified optician will guide you through your options and help you decide which type of multifocal lenses is best for you. Our progressive lenses are digitally surfaced. Iowa Eye Center carries Varilux.

Task specific lenses – These provide a solution to a specific situation with unique visual requirements, such as hobbyists, computer users, mechanics, golfers, musicians and painters. Speak with our opticians concerning your unique needs.

Sport lenses – Sport lenses are available in an assortment of colors, designs and coatings to best accommodate your sporting event. Safety is fundamental in eyewear for sports, so polycarbonate lenses are recommended.

Lens treatments:

Transition/photochromic lenses – These lenses darken when exposed to the sun and lighten when it grows shady or you move indoors.

Ultra-violet protection – Ultra-Violet rays from the sun can damage your eyes, so this protects your eyes from damaging rays, much like sunscreen protects your skin.

Anti-reflective coating – This helps keep your eyes from tiring, particularly at night or if you’re looking at a computer screen. With anti-reflective coating your eyes can be seen behind the lenses and aren’t hidden in reflections. Iowa Eye Care offers Crizal lenses with UV protection.

Polarized sun lenses – These lessen eye strain and sun fatigue by eliminating glare reflected off windows, vehicles, pavement or buildings, as well as from water, snow or sand.

Tinted lenses – Tints come in a range of colors from very dark to very light and also as a gradient (dark at the top that fades to clear on the bottom).

Mirrored sun lenses – Mirrored coating provides reflective surfaces that make the eye invisible to viewers. They are available in an array of colors.

High index lenses – These thinner, flatter lenses enhance appearance by reducing edge or center thickness of the lens. They are lighter weight, with Ultra-Violet protection.

Cleaning your glasses

Warm water and lens cleaner are the best cleaning solutions. Lenses should be dried with a soft cloth rather than any paper product.

Scratched lenses

It is not possible to resurface a scratched lens without damaging the quality and safety of the prescription. Please take good care of your glasses and keep them in a protective case when you’re not wearing them. With standard scratch coating, Iowa Eye Center also offers a one-year/one-time replacement for scratching. For anti-reflective coating we offer a two-year/one-time replacement.

We’re here for you

If you have any questions or concerns about eyeglasses or contacts, we’d love to help. Give us a call at (319) 366-2020 or toll free at 1-800-366-2020. We’ll give you the answers you’re looking for.

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