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How Does It Work?

Our special technology – iLASIK

At Iowa Eye Center, located in Cedar Rapids, IA, we are dedicated to providing you with the latest technology to ensure you receive the safest, most effective treatment available.

Unique treatment

Our Visx CustomVue Wavefront guided S4IR LASIK technology guarantees the best measurement of your eye and therefore the best treatment. Just like no two fingerprints are exactly the same, the optics of each eye are unique. Our technology has the ability to measure your unique optical characteristics to calculate the perfect treatment for each eye. Here’s how Visx CustomVue technology positively impacts your surgical experience:

  • Before surgery – Your pre-surgical evaluation will include a computerized wavefront scan of your eye. This scan will provide comprehensive, individual diagnostic information so the exact treatment can be calculated.
  • During surgery – Your pre-surgical scan will guide the laser as it reshapes your cornea.
  • After surgery – The individual flaws unique to your eye have been corrected, so you will experience crisper, sharper vision.

We track for you

Patients are often concerned that eye movement during surgery might ruin their treatment. At Iowa Eye Center, we have two special technologies to prevent any eye movement from causing a problem:

  • Iris Registration technology identifies your iris based on your pre-surgical scan and then rotates treatment to exactly match your eye.
  • Tracking technology directs the laser to precisely follow your small eye movements during the treatment. If your eye moves out of range, the laser stops until your eye returns to the correct position.

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