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Why LASIK at Iowa Eye Center

Over the years, thousands of people have trusted their vision to Iowa Eye Center surgeons. Our LASIK patients include pilots, doctors and professional athletes. Whatever your occupation, we are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain the best vision possible.


At the heart of our practice are our expert eye doctors, all of whom are ophthalmologists. Iowa Eye Center doctors have been performing LASIK surgery since 1998 and other types of refractive surgery since 1992. Each of our surgeons has performed thousands of LASIK procedures. Their experience helps give you the best results with the greatest safety.


Iowa Eye Center surgeons have always used leading-edge technology. We were the first practice in Cedar Rapids, and the second in the nation, to perform CustomVue Wavefront guided treatments, a technique that customizes laser treatment to each unique eye. Our surgeons were also the first in Iowa to use a 60-kilohertz Intralase Laser instead of a mechanical blade, making LASIK safer. We call it iLASIK.

Skill & education

All our doctors are ophthalmologists. Multiple times, Iowa Eye Center has earned the Top 50 Surgeon Award for LASIK Surgery for achievement in producing outstanding visual results. Our surgeons attend the annual American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery symposium, which offers the best educational programs. We constantly work to remain informed and at the front of our field.

Personal attention

The staff at Iowa Eye Center values you both as a patient and as a person. You receive individual attention from your surgeon at every visit before, during and after surgery. Our three highly trained Iowa Eye Center LASIK technicians are also on hand to provide outstanding service so you have a quality experience.

Get your FREE screening.

To find out if Iowa Eye Center LASIK is for you, schedule a free screening with one of our Refractive Surgery Coordinators at our state-of-the-art facility. We’ll do some preliminary testing and discuss your medical history and visual expectations. For your free screening, call our office at (319) 362-3937 or toll free at 1-800-362-3937.

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