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7 Signs Your Child Might Need Glasses

As a parent, ensuring your child’s overall well-being includes monitoring their visual health and development. While regular eye exams are essential, there are several signs that may indicate your child needs glasses. Detecting these cues early on is crucial for addressing potential problems.

1. Squinting or frequent eye rubbing

If you notice your child squinting or rubbing their eyes frequently, it could be a sign of vision issues. Squinting temporarily improves focus, while eye rubbing may indicate eye strain or fatigue caused by poor vision.

2. Holding objects too closely

Children with vision problems often hold books, toys, or electronic devices unusually close to their face. It may be an attempt to compensate for nearsightedness or difficulty seeing objects at a distance.

3. Complaints of headaches or eye fatigue

Persistent headaches or eye fatigue can be indicators of vision problems. These symptoms often occur after activities that require visual focus, such as reading or using digital screens.

4. Difficulty seeing or following objects

If your child has difficulty seeing or following objects, such as a ball in sports or moving vehicles, it may suggest a need for glasses. Poor tracking abilities can affect their depth perception and coordination.

5. Frequently losing place while reading

Struggling to keep track of lines or losing their place while reading could be a sign of vision problems. Blurred or double vision can make it challenging for children to read fluently and comprehend written material.

6. Sensitivity to light

Excessive sensitivity to light, also known as photophobia, may indicate an underlying vision issue. Children with this symptom may squint or shield their eyes in bright environments or when exposed to sunlight.

7. Eye misalignment or crossed eyes

Noticeable misalignment or crossing of the eyes, also known as strabismus, should not be overlooked. This condition can affect depth perception and may require corrective measures such as glasses or vision therapy.

Full-service optical center

It is important to remember that these signs alone don’t provide a definitive diagnosis but are good reasons to make an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam. If your child does need glasses, our full-service optical center and in-house lab will make the experience as seamless as possible. Call us at 319-362-3937 to make an appointment.

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