About Us

In 1992 we founded Iowa Eye Center in Cedar Rapids to offer patients the best possible eye care. All of our eye doctors are skilled, board-certified ophthalmologists, providing comprehensive eye care at an affordable cost. Our mission as medical professionals is to preserve the health of your eyes and to help you see your world the best you can. We offer the highest level of expertise, the latest technology and a superior standard of patient-centered care.

The largest eye clinic in this area, with seven Ophthalmologists to give you complete eye care.
The Optical Center’s expert Opticians and the latest frames help you look great while seeing better.
For contacts, the single-source Optical Center offers you experience, convenience and custom solutions.
Conveniently located facility gives you a personal experience with the advantages of a larger clinic.
Personalized eye care with your own Ophthalmologist means valuable continuity to keep your eyes healthy.
From Lasik to cataracts, our doctors offer you the full range of surgical eye care, when you need it.
With more exam rooms, waiting areas and staff, you get faster access and easier scheduling.
Large, accommodating waiting areas make your eye care experience convenient and comfortable.
State of the art equipment and expert staff add up to highest quality eye care for you and your family.
The easily accessible Optical Center has a full range of frames and contacts to meet your unique needs.
The Optical Center has personable, experienced Opticians to make it all easy and efficient for you.

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